Anti Bacterial Devices and Plates With Antibacterial Treatment

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As part of their continuous search for solutions to improve people’s lives,
Gewiss offers a new antibacterial range from the Chorus series, ideal
for hospitals, residential care homes, communities, schools, gyms,
hotels, offices and restaurants. A family of devices and plates made from
a technopolymer with antibacterial treatment, designed to ensure optimal
hygiene in public places.

The antibacterial effect is obtained with a special additive based on silver ions
(Biomaster technology), which are combined with the technopolymer.

The efficacy of the treatment has been proven by laboratory analysis in accordance
with ISO 22196 standard. The main strains of bacterial species considered the most
representative have been studied: Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Escherichia
coli. Tests have shown that the process reduces the proliferation of the bacterial
load by 99% over 24 hours.